HeartStrong|RN was created by a cardiac nurse for those pursuing a heart-healthy lifestyle. Our Lifestyle & Wellness section features weekly motivation, heart-healthy diets, and exercises to keep you and I both in top shape! For those seeking to learn more about the heart, it’s functions, and conditions, the Cardiac A&P section is right up your alley.

I found my passion for the heart when I was in high school interning at a cardiac rehabilitation center. Since then, I made the decision to become a nurse and after making my way through nursing school and passing the NCLEX, I am now a cardiac surgery nurse! Along the way, I accomplished another dream of mine- joining the U.S. Army.

My goal is to share what I’ve learned through my experiences in nursing and the military with you all. Here’s to living #HeartStrong! For questions or advice, I can be contacted at heartstrongrn@gmail.com. You can also follow me on Instagram @rbarnes005.