Nursing Humor to Help You Survive Your Monday


Mondays are the worst! Getting out of bed feels twice as hard. Nine times out of ten, it is probably overcast and rainy. Noone is happy. Plus, you have to listen to everyone else complain about how Mondays suck…  I’m here to do my part in making it all better. Here’s a list of my favorite nursing GIFs/memes to spread some nursing cheer- enjoy!


The last-minute “clean sweep” when you hear Joint Commission arrived.



Image result for like a glove
When your patient screams the whole time you’re inserting the straight cath, but you still get urine return.



Image result for rain man gif
Calculating a heparin rate change at 0400.



Image result for i wipe my own ass meme, big daddy
What I hear when I get in report that a patient is a “self.”



0015: *starves to death*



Image result for taylor swift falling gif
When whole shift went great, but your patient codes 15 minutes before change of shift.



Image result for dumb and dumber toilet gif
Day three with no BM and you finally give the suppository.




T’was love at first sight…



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About Ryan Barnes, BSN, RN, PCCN

Cardiac Surgery RN from Baltimore, DNP student, and Army nurse.

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